Saturday, December 7, 2013

House Updates & New Couch

Nothing much to share right now...we are in the budget and planning stages of the Willow remodel, and haven't had time to do any real work. Brian has been exceptionally busy at work since about July - praying that lets up here quickly. When I say busy, I mean...a 12 hour day is a good start, as he likes to say. 16 hour days, 7 days a week are so common, it's rare when he actually gets 6 hours of sleep. Doesn't leave much for "playing house" and tinkering with things around here. All in good time:-)
We've had a chance to talk about a few things, design wise, and start with super minor changes...
This house was filled with all kinds of lovely touches, like this:-)
And now, they're all gone...super "boring" now with all white!

Purchased: 1 of each tile - to compare. The 12x12 grey is a likely contender for the bathrooms. The wood looking tiles are a "ideal dream" for what will be the great room - in a herringbone pattern. This may actually wind up being to pricey to fit the budget, but we are trying to fit it in there, if we can. We bought a light wood look tile, and a dark...and we like the dark best in the house. We returned them all to Home Depot, and will keep the pics to remind us of our choices:-)
We have pretty much decided on Litchfield Gray for the basic colour of the walls inside the house. Again, we will be doing black doors (inside) and white trim. And we are basically choosing a black/grey/white theme throughout the house (looking even at grey siding, black shutters etc). This particular grey leans slightly to the tan side of things - easy to match with carpeting, cabinetry, flooring, etc while still being a grey. Grey can be a tricky colour (looking too purple, too brown etc in certain lights).

Up next (hopefully over Christmas...wall paper removal!!! Gotta get it all down so we can test out that grey colour!!
We set up our tree and decided on this location. Looks pretty!!
 We needed another couch for this house. We gave away our leather couch because we needed the space at Hugo...but this house is much larger, and we didn't have enough furniture! We had an old (not too comfy) futon we have been using as a couch. Then, about a month ago, I bought some couches from Facebook Yardsale (online place to sell your things). Couch and a loveseat for $75, from some people we know that are moving. Perfect.

So funny story about the couches. Like I said, they've been paid for for awhile now...just needing to be picked up. Brian has been very busy like I mentioned before. So it just wasn't happening. I planned to have a bunch of ladies over from church last night, obviously making the plans long ago, and knowing/assuming the more comfortable and attractive seating would be in place by then.

(this is the funny part:-) But Brian has been busy. Thursday night he picks up the couches. Step one, done. Yay. But no time to unload. So Friday night at 6pm (party starts at 7:30), I still have an old futon in the den. And I get a text...
His best friend locally has just returned from a 9 month deployment this very day. And he would like to see What is his schedule? I say I do not know, he has been very busy, but I will call him and find out. Read text convo below:

Me: Ok Brian, who doesn't even have time to come home and help me move the couch, is apparently free at any moment to go see T. Haha. I see how the priorities go
Friend: Ummmm, my husband just got back from a 9 month deployment (and wants to see Brian)
Me: It's like they're married!
Friend: Lol! So true
Me: Brian can see him tonight, or tomorrow day, or tomorrow night. Tonight & tomorrow he is working, tomorrow night he should be off
Me: He is working, but can slip away for a bit. Solid time together would be tomorrow night
Me: So basically, whatever T wants, Brian can do:-) Unless it's within the next hour. Brian MUST come home and help me move the new couches in, or I'll murder him tonight, and then tomorrow would have to be cancelled.
Me: j/k...not really

So...Brian came home within that hour to do the couch thing. Right in the knick of time before my guests arrived! And then back to work...and then off to visit with his friend...and then back to work again:-) After all that buildup, wanna see the couches?!?
 They are used, and have a few spots I need to see if I can work on, but generally they are in excellent condition and fit in quite perfectly!! The old futon is in the trash:-)

We still have the black loveseat, we moved it into the "orange room" (technically, it's peach) which is the playroom/school room/office. There is a small tv and dvd player in there for the kids, so now they have a place to sit while watching. Works out well, I think! Everything looks good and fits in!

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