Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Cantata - Video

Or alternately titled "Sweating through your pants"...

It was the kids first time to participate in a Cantata! They loved practicing their songs as part of the Children's Choir.

I didn't really know the main piece they were to sing. So we practiced via youtube:-) Here they are preparing for the big show!

There was a dress rehearsal on Friday night, a run through of the whole program. It was then that the weight of the situation fell upon Brooks - he would be singing for everyone.  Twice. He said after the rehearsal "I was so nervous, I sweated through my pants!" haha. Well, that's a new one I don't think I've heard before, but I do believe a phrase has been coined. Bolgerism ;-)

Sunday there were two complete performances, one at 10, and one at 6. To accommodate the large crowds and lack of potential seating, each adult bible study was assigned a service to attend, to spread everything out evenly. We were assigned to the 6pm service, and Dale & Lauren came to watch too. I dropped the kids off in the morning for the first performance, and they said it went very well.

We got to see for ourselves at 6pm. Overall, the service was wonderful. A very powerful and meaningful Christmas program, coming back to the theme "What does Christmas God?" - and the kids portion was so delightful! They did a great job. Specifically, Brooks (the nervous nelly) was singing his little heart out. You can't see it as well on the video, especially once the congregation stands to sing along, but you could tell he was belting it out at the top of his lungs. It was really really sweet. He said that he wasn't too nervous, once he got up there.

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