Monday, December 23, 2013

Earring holder

For a long time (like...about 7 years), I've worn the same pair, or so, of earrings. After having babies, my body composition changed or something...and I couldn't wear anything fake at all. Well, the budget for gold jewelry ain't what it used to be, thats for sure;-) It was simple, but not necessarily fashion forward of me in any way, but I was fine with it. I am not huge into jewelry (but I do love rings). I wear the same necklace every day (my vintage pearl loves), and on special occasions, I'll put on something "costume" or fancier.

Anyway, about 6 months ago, I tried a pair of fake earrings, and noticed that they didn't burn my ears within minutes. Wow and yay! I have slowly started building up my collection of fun earrings. I can't wear them forever, but definitely for about 6 hours or so, until I notice they start to feel like they are getting irritated. Thankfully, not many events last that long, so I'm good! So now, I'm into earrings!!

I definitely don't have a lot of earrings, as you will see, but I didn't have a place to put them, and it was getting a little unwieldy trying to keep track of them on the surface of my dresser. Pinterest to the rescue for a quick DIY. On Pinterest, everyone used this lace idea which I loved, with an empty picture frame. But I don't have any picture frames and really wanted to do this one on the cheap. I do have quite a few blank canvases for my painting projects though...and I had a pair of pantyhose/tights with a lacy pattern to them, and a my thought was to just stretch the pantyhose over the canvas and cut/staple the edges down. It would work fine that way, but I felt my (black) hose were not "pattern-y" enough for what I wanted, look wise. So I bought some lace from Walmart's fabric section, and it came to $1.99, and I have enough to probably make 2 more of these.

Canvas (mine is 8x10, any size would work)
Paint (optional - I choose a fun green)
Office Stapler & Staples

Paint the canvas and let dry. Stretch the lace over the canvas, cut to fit, and staple in place on the back side. This takes (paint drying aside) less than 5 minutes.
All done! Earrings all hanging place!
I hung this on my master bathroom wall, it's kind of like art, really - it looks so pretty, and it's also functional!
Close up

Close up

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