Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy Days

Things making me smile this week:
This is the new ornament for 2013 from my Grandma Shantz. I have one from her for every year, since 1979 (my first Christmas). She passed away in 2010, but had pre-made ornaments for us, all the way through 2015, I think. I love that. This years ornament is simply the cutest ever, and is hung with love.
It's winter - otherwise known as the rainy season. It rained a lot last week - which gives us huge puddles. Which are kind of a drag, except it means we get to wear our super great rain boots! That is always a happy day!

Speaking of rainboots, I LOVE mine. They are soft and fuzzy inside, and pretty and colourful on the outside. I would tromp around in these things even if it wasn't raining...if it wouldn't make me look weird. They look great with skinny jeans, in fact:-)

Even on the dreariest of days, this view puts a smile on my face. The day I snapped this pic, a huge white heron flew down into our yard and was walking around. He, along with a blue heron, live in our lake, but I have never seen them out of the water. I tried to get his picture, but scared him away
More smiles:
Christmas cards from friends, old and new. I'm getting mine in the mail on Sat - so tardy this year!

This stuff is amazing. Looooove.
Have you heard of Jamberry? It's making me smile this week - they are vinyl nail polish wraps. I didn't know about them, and a friend started selling them. She is a missionary in Mexico - in the very place that I went (missions related) in 1999! (Chiapas - Tuxtla and San Cristobal de la Casas). It is definitely a wish to go visit them someday. BEAUTIFUL place. And a 'vacation' where you can help with missions is a bonus!! (This is not a destination type vacation place at all, but it still amazingly beautiful, and I would love to go back). ANYWAY, Julie sent me a sample in the mail to try 1 finger on each hand with the Jamberry wraps, and then regular nail polish on the other fingers - to compare how long they last. Apparently Jamberry will last for 2 solid weeks before looking worn. So far I'm on Day 4, and my regular nail polish is chipped and fading, and the wrap looks as good as new!!

I will order a few wraps from her, I love to support missionaries in any way that I can! I figure I might as well order from her as from anyone to support a great cause! (I don't know their exact situation money-wise, but I am sure they are low on support, given the economy). And this product seems pretty cool, so I'm excited to try it on ALL my fingers:-) The thought of not having to touch up my nails for 2 weeks makes me very happy!

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