Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Family Pictures 2013

Family pictures were a great success again this year! Here are some of my faves...with so many to choose from, it was HARD to only pic the 40 or so in this post:-) This year, I decided to go with a "farmers field" for the background of the shoot - something we have not done before, surprisingly. I love the location! Our clothing inspiration came from the boys shirts - I saw the tee-shirt/button up combo at Walmart, and purchased them for the boys for pictures specifically, and then for church. I used the colours in their shirts to springboard off of for the rest of us. We all already owned all the other clothing we wore, and I think it all coordinated very well. Whew. Picking out our wardrobes each year is something I love to do! Almost everything we are wearing here, (except those new shirts), were hand-me-downs, in fact!



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