Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Update!

We moved! We are now officially out of Hugo house, and into Willow - although certain things remain at Hugo - we're still working on getting it all taken care of - like our big tv still hangs on the wall at Hugo:-) And a few bedframes need to be taken apart so they can meet up with their partnered mattress on the floor:-) But it's coming along famously.

Phone - my 2 year old phone would no longer accept a charge. Thankfully, it's free upgrade time, and I got a great new phone for a penny! Yay! My number did not change.

Address - If you want our new home address, let me know! I'll send out an email to family, and probably put it on facebook too.

Instagram - Up to the minute updates about our days! If you've missed a bunch, click on the pics to see them all/ones you've missed. They are captioned too, so you get an idea of what is going on. No worries, I'll still be posting "real pics" here too.

The wildlife that made me move: Here is a funny story for you. Last week, I was HARASSED by wild creatures. I have never seen a snake here (alive) in 9 years, and last week, there was one on my PORCH twice in ONE DAY. It was a "harmless" one, which is to say it was not poisonous, but it's existence harms me very much. On the inside. Ever since the snake scare, I've been a little jumpy to sudden movements and such...

On Friday, we had the garage door open, and the front door open, loading boxes into the van. Well, a squirrel walked right inside the house, like he owned the place. Brian tried to get him out, and he would not budge. He was terrified. So we left, and left all the doors open, thinking he'd find his way out.


Check out the instagram pics on the side bar for proof. Lord, have mercy. My nerves are shot at this point, and it was at that moment that "that's it, we're moving" entered my vocabulary. Never before have I been more excited to vacant any premises. We set live traps, and he actually ate all the bait and didn't get trapped!!

He finally got caught trying to get more food out of the trap on Saturday. But basically, I was mentally resigned to the fact that everything still left in Hugo house belonged to the squirrel now. I was determined to start over from scratch if need be. Wild woodland creatures, LEAVE ME ALONE!

I am pretty darn sure these things only ever happen to me....WHHHHHYYYYYY?

So the squirrel saga is over, thankfully. I'm keeping all the doors shut now, for sure!

That was our weekend, in a pun intended:-)

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