Thursday, September 26, 2013

Problem, Solved!

We have mental problems. To which most of you likely say, what else is new? Haha. Both Brian and I are seriously challenged in the "where did I put that" category. I've lost Christmas presents "hiding" them. He's lost his keys (or locked them in his truck), daily, since 1997, or thereabouts. We can't even blame the kids...and unfortunately they suffer from the poor genetics of their parents:-)

Remotes. We lose them. Usually it's the kids that do, but sometimes its the grownups too. Then we got a Roku device. A charming little thing with NO buttons or manual operation options. A teeny little remote is needed, and is the only thing that can work - no universal thingy ma bob.

We've lost and found that little remote so many times, I finally devised a way to keep it from happening anymore.
I tied it to the remote basket, with enough "cord" to be able to still operate the remote

I also made it super easy to un-tether, so grownups can still use it normally from across the room, but kids can't drag it off or lose it between couch cushions
How to:
Open up the battery compartment, and lay a flat piece of ribbon across the opening. Then shut the battery closer thingy. Using a flat thin piece of ribbon should allow this to close easily, and not impede normal function at all (don't want the thing to pop loose)

Tie it in a knot, to create a circle

Attach whatever you have. I've used a variety of things I had around the house. This is a binder ring. A key ring would work, or a carabineer (sp?) works.

Attach one to the other, I use a carabineer to tethered to the "remote basket" (where they all belong and *should* always be located when not in use), and can easily unclip the remote(s) as needed.

Guess what? I haven't a missing remote since doing this about 5 months ago. I promise! The younger kids are not able to un-attach them, and the older kids are not allowed to, so no one wanders off with a remote for any reason!
So, there is my creative tip of the day to help you re-gain a piece of your lost sanity. If missing remotes contributes to that, anyway:-)

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