Monday, September 9, 2013

First Day

This past Friday was the first day of our new school co-op! The two older ones are taking Art, Science & PE, and the preschoolers are doing a little program for that age (3-5), and May (and all the other under 3's) get to play! The first day was a really big success. I was running around like a crazy person - having to leave the house at 8:30, with lunches packed, backpack equipped with books, pencils, etc...not something I am really used to doing! I'll be better next time. The co-op is every other Friday from 9-12:30.
Ready to go to school!
This is a weird pic - but just to note - it now takes 1 dozen eggs to feed 5 children at lunch time. Yikes. Can't wait 'til they're all teens! (Or maybe I can!!)
So we've been a little busy! Packing, moving stuff to the other Brian took out the Hugo garage door to replace it with a new one (old one's wood was rotting out at the bottom). Pics to come! Getting Hugo house ready for renting, taking care of details. I bought a washer, dryer, and vacuum off facebook garage sale pages. Got great deals, which I am really happy about!
Time for a craft or two? Haha!! This is something I had in my stash, ready to go. Some very kind people at the hospital job (the one that Brian was at for days without coming home) generously gave our family cards, movie tickets etc. for some family time together. It was so thoughtful of them to be appreciative of his work and his time away from his family. A little thank you card for them.

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