Monday, September 23, 2013

Upgrade #1

We've officially made our first improvement to the Willow's not a very exciting one, was a 20 minute project that actually took 20 minutes! So not used to that! When we went to replace a light fixture in Hugo...we discovered the house was not grounded etc. Every project seems to turn into something bigger than expected. So it was just nice to have something quick and easy actually be quick and easy:-)

Problem: Master bedroom had a fan, with no over head lighting. We like overhead lighting! Who doesn't? Lamps are soooo lame. We replaced the fan with a new one...
The old bedroom fan...

We will install the old bedroom fan in the screened in porch area...because that fan is looking pretty sad:-) We'll have to invest in an outdoor fan that won't be affected by moisture in the air, but until then, the old bedroom will work well as a "new" replacement out there.

The pro, always hard at work

New fan, installed...and lights! yay!! We choose this fan for a variety of factors - it will be the one we choose to replace all the indoor fans in the house, eventually. There is pretty much one in every room, and they are all very old/dated.
Next up?...after a really steamy shower we tested the wall paper in the bathroom. Seems like it will come down pretty easily. No more wallpaper in the bathrooms!!


  1. with a fan in each room, does that mean there is no a/c? Mom

  2. There is ac...just fans to keep the air moving? The weather had been do perfect lately, we've not run the heat or ac at all since we moved in!