Monday, September 23, 2013


They made their own pizzas and declared they tasted better than the ones I make:-)

We have triplets!! Brian's phone, his work phone, and my phone, are all identical!! Kinda funny:-)

Playing soccer on the porch

My fave

Grey made a bird feeder

Don't step on one of these gumballs in bare feet!

Thorny bush


  1. The phones; is the middle one Bri's work phone, and the phone on the left is your phone right???

  2. Correct!! Good guessing! work phone actually has a little crack in the screen...and my phone has all the extra apps added like Instagram & Netflix:-) we keep different apps on our home screens just so we can tell them apart, although obviously the one with the crack it easy.

  3. That's how I guessed it, I figured Bri wouldn't have Cozi Calendar on his phone!!!