Wednesday, December 5, 2012


As you can imagine, it VERY difficult for me not to post hundreds of pictures...trying to select just a few of my faves is pretty much torture. I've picked out a few that I love...I'm sure you'll see others popping up here and there over the next year:-) To see the video I made of these pics (more of them) set to music, click here

Without further ado! *All pictures are copyright of Photography by Joy Hallock 

The Ledge. A funny story. We were truly sitting on a ledge - we walked up the stairs, and crawled across to sit...this was completely TERRIFYING to the kids, and by the time we got them all out there and in position, they were all sobbing and shaking like leaves. Haha!!
We had to convince them that Spidey would do this...etc etc etc. They never really stopped crying or shaking, so it was time to get down! No up close pics on that one, so you can't even tell they were a mess!

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