Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kenna's Tribute - Video

I tell you what. Kenna wins best daughter award of the decade in my books.

She's learned how to use my camera for her bird watching adventures (more on that later), and today, while uploading some of her bird pictures to the computer, I came across the following video she recorded of herself. It is so sweet and thoughtful, it literally made me cry. I love that girl.

It's not only adorable, but hilarious too. What else would you expect from my kids? ;-)
I'd say, watch out world, she's "armed and dangerous" now. I'm sure there will be unending streams of pics and videos from now on;-)

*I didn't edit it at all, other than to stick the 3 individual videos together


  1. oh my word! that is the best!! "I love you because you give us cookies & smiles from above." seriously, the best line ever utter by a child. what a treasure! I could watch that 100 times and they're not even my kids. :) they are our bolgers, though, and that holds a great deal of weight in my book. ;) hugs for all 3! xoxoxo

  2. ♥♥♥ what else can a Grandma say! Too cute! Too special! A moment has just become a memory!

  3. So unbelievably sweet!! What an awesome treasure to find!!

  4. Overwhelmingly cute! Grey reminded me of our silly Micah man. Kenna's part reminded me of exact lines Ivory says. So so so sweet. Love it.