Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bird Watcher

We have been doing Apologia's science in school, and the study is on birds. Kenna has taken keenly to the idea that she could be a bird watcher. She watches birds, counts the flapping and gliding times, and draws them using the colours she can see. Yesterday I taught her how to use the camera and make sure it was strapped on to her tightly. This is a big deal for me - no it's not a magnificent camera, just a canon point and shoot, but it is my ONLY camera, so it's basically my prized possession.

This new skill has brought us...lots and lots of pictures containing no birds. She confessed that since they fly very fast, by the time the final click goes through on the camera, the bird is already out of sight. HAHAHA!

I have spared you by only posting a couple of the many many many pictures she took:-)

SHE GOT ONE! There is a bird flying in the picture below. Like a Raven or Blackbird of some type.
 Over & Out - Kenna. Her very first Selfie pic:-)
Well, lets just say she's not about to narrate a documentary any time soon;-)

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