Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bouncy Day

The day is gorgeous, the front door is open wide, letting the fresh air in, and hopefully ushering out all our cough and cold germs! The weather has been very mild so far, it's been crazy really! But there have been a few cold days in there (cold to us, I should say), and I think the ups and downs is whats affecting us and giving us colds!

We were given a small bounce house a few years ago...I only set it up on rare occasions. Today struck me as one of those:-)
Sonny loved it!


I think May likes it best of all!
Grey would not go in, he doesn't like bounce houses, he says. I don't think that's true, but he's in a bit of a mood and says he only wants to watch Cars:-) Brooks has been in and out...he's never liked them. It doesn't help that Kenna terrorizes him in there by doing "scary things" like going near the edge - which lets out more air and the side starts to collapse. While he is always proclaiming his braveness and super-heroism, in reality, he's annoyingly whiny and unnecessarily timid in these situations. Can't wait for those super hero genes to kick for real, haha;-)

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