Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tee Ball Game

We had our first game today! We are the Yankees (all the teams are major league "juniors"), we played the Blue Jays today. I think we won. It was a little hard to tell. Lol. I forgot my camera, but took a few videos on my phone. They did very very well! I must say I was impressed. Kenna had one small faux pas hitting - running to the pitchers mound and then to 2nd, instead of 1st first:-) Other than that, no rules were broken. Brooks played first one inning (which is where ALL the action is), and did very well, catching many of the balls and throwing home to the catcher. He's got a good arm! Kenna is the only girl on the team:-)
A post game pic

The "ready" position
Here are a few pics I just got tagged in on facebook this week. From soccer this past fall.
Courtesy of Steven Bender. Brooksie looks intense!

On the bench with his little teammate, Abram.

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