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Short Story

This is written by my Grandpa (Papie) Kennedy, Dec 31, 1912 - Dec 17, 1982. (Transcribed by my Aunt, Lois Mary Kennedy Burkholder, who passed away from cancer in Feb, 2006). 

September 17, 1982
24A Wilson St.,
Markham, Ontario. (294-1416)

Dear Pastors - Dr. Alex Ness, Rev. John Owen and Rev. Trevor Grey:

I would like to relate to you the following experiences of the Miracle working hand of God in my life. (It may sound to you dear people that I deliberately tried to live dangerously!)

1. In 1945, I was driving my little Plymouth car in the Blue Mountains of Collingwood, when a blizzard suddenly arose in one half-hours' time. The car got stuck in the snow, so I walked across a field, wearing my borrowed Russian cossack hat and long fur coat and heavy boots, looking for help. I came upon a barn and walked up to it on an angle. Upon approaching, I noticed two mounds of frozen ice or snow. I jumped from one mound to the other, and then went into the barn. I found two men working there, and related my predicament to them. I told them I got my feet wet jumping over those clumps of ice or snow. They said - "You stepped completely over a 30" concrete curb well, which is ten feet deep." They both said - "You're an extremely fortunate man to be here, especially wearing those heavy clothes."

2. In 1947, I was hit in the stomach with a 7lb. sledge hammer in error, and was picked up for dead. I heard from afar - "He's dead, he's dead" - because they couldn't locate a pulse. When I came to, I said "I'm not dead; I have to get back to work. I can't lose my job." Instead of staying off work seven days, I went back right away. The area where I was hit with this hammer is the exact area in which the cancerous tumor was found in 1980.

3. In the late 1950's, I was driving a flat-bed truck, owned by the contractor I was working for, and I was following him home from Stouffville to Markham, after having the steering on the truck repaired. Suddenly the truck left the road, and turned over three times, cutting off a telephone pole. One more roll would have literally landed myself and the upside down into a gravestone in the Wideman Mennonite Church graveyard. The first man who came to help me was a policeman. The truck was on fire, and he pried the doors open, and quickly discovered the reason for the accident -- he said "The ball and socket of your steering are nowhere to be seen." While rolling over I had said - "Help me Lord". They pulled the truck to a wreckers' - a total write-off. My glasses were broken and one hip hurt, but I was back to work the next day. I was due for one week of holidays, but I went back to work early because I felt very sorry about the accident.

4. In the early 1960's, I was shot in the neck with a Remmington Ramset gun. These guns are used to shoot 1 1/2" concrete nails through 3/8" steel brackets into poured concrete walls. I was hired by a contracting company who were building the Markham Bowling Alley. 22 Calibre bullets were used to drive these nails out of the gun into the concrete. I was on a scaffold 11 ft. from the floor. My helpers brought me steel brackets, holding one end in position so they wouldn't drop them. It was a Friday afternoon. I had told the contractor we can't use the gun anymore until we get washers to fit on the nails, but he said -- "keep going, we have to have it ready for Monday." One of the nails went right through the steel and ricocheted off a big stone in the concrete. The 1 1/2" nail came back and hit me in the neck. They rushed me to Scarborough General Hospital. Being Friday night, all the Doctors had gone off their shifts leaving only interns And intern examined me and said - "its' only a surface wound. I'll dress the wound and send you home" I said - "I have compensation - I would like an Xray." This Xray showed the Ramset nail laying snugly up against the jugular vein - without puncturing it! The Roman Catholic Surgeon who operated to remove the nail said - "You're one of the most fortunate men I know of today - being so close to death, and still alive." Meanwhile the contractors asked me not to tell anyone what actually happened or they could lose their license for operating Ramset guns. They offered to pay 1 1/2 times the compensation for not saying anything. My jaw was so badly twisted that it took quite a while to regain the muscle tone.

5. In 1980, I was working at a Chinese Dentists' home office building, building some bedrooms in the basement. Meanwhile, the electrical contractor developed inner ear trouble and was hospitalized for a week and half. Nevertheless, I tried to carry on, doing a bit of electrical work. The next day I was rushed to Centennary Hospital with pernicious Anemia. A few days later I had an emergency colon by-pass operation because of a massive tumor in the bowel. I was told by my specialist that I was one week away from the sides of the grave without the operation. Rev. Ness visited me at the Hospital and prayed a very beautiful victorious prayer on my behalf.

6. September, 1982 finds me with a body literally racked with cancer, even into the liver. That is why, in the mercies of God, I'm now at the sides of the grave once more. The miracle working God who made the liver in the first place could remove every trace of cancer from this and every area of my body. Except for a deliberate miracle from God, I may have from one week to 6 months to live. Please hold me up to the throne of grace, because I'm full of faith in his ability to still raise me up again. Nevertheless, all I ask is that the total will of God be done. I don't ask to live or to die, just the total will of God for my life.

I offer praise - Whoso offereth praise glorifieth me and to him who ordereth his conversation aright will I show the salvation of God. Psalm 50:23

Your Brother in Christ,

Harold L. Kennedy.
(The above may be verified by my family or friends).
A view of the original testimony above, the 3rd and final page

This is 24 Wilson St. The home owned by my Grandparents, the home my dad was born and raised in. It was located in heart of Markham, right off of Main St. It was torn down in the late 80's to make room for shopping centers and business offices. It had a magnificent tree in the backyard that my brothers and cousins and I LOVED to play in.
Harold and Mary Kennedy
A hard worker. All his family tells of his work ethic and incredible strength. With  Cliff, Elva and baby Lois
The Kennedy Family, L-R, Lois, David, Faith, Donna, Cliff & Elva.
Some of my extended family in 1979, I am the little baby being held by my dad in the (horrific:-) powder blue suit
The complete will of God was accomplished in his life as he passed into eternity in 1982. He was laid to rest in the Dickson Hill Cemetery. My parents bought the parsonage home of that church/cemetery when they were married, so that graveyard was our next door neighbour. It is not a stretch to say we kids visited Papie's grave on a weekly, if not daily basis. In 2007, my Grandma has was laid to rest at his side.

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