Monday, April 23, 2012

Angry Birds

It was Uncle Dale's birthday, while Lauren was out of town with Ann for her surgery, so we celebrated a little late, this weekend. The kids picked the theme. Dale loves Angry Birds (and so do they!)
We made him a card. Really really cute, isn't it?!

And we made him a cake! Super cute!!
This cake was an 8in round, and I used all the batter in that pan, so it was a very thick cake (didn't have time to fiddle with two cakes stacked as we had a busy day on Sat.) It was perfect! I just free-handed the cake since it's pretty basic/geometric shapes. After making the card, I was pretty sure I could handle it. Thankfully, it turned out really adorable! - Pretty simple too. I did a red crumb coat (brown in the brown areas), and then just used the star tip to cover the top and sides, adding on the eyes etc. This is an easy one to do, with very few supplies needed...and perfect for the AB lover in your life:-)
A tired little boy slept through the party:-) He missed dinner and dessert

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