Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend Update

Nothing better than hanging out on a gorgeous weekend doing pretty much nothing except enjoying each others company!
Izzy the Lizzy in her "terrarium". There is an umbrella for shade, a rock to climb on, and a real plant, for food:-)
Testing out a flavour combo, and making sure my raspberry buttercream recipe is awesome...made these little gems for a friends party. He is one of Brian's very best friends in the area, and is about to be deployed for a year. His departure in a few weeks will leave Brian very close to friend-less (local close friends anyway), as almost all his best buds are deployed. Sad. Brooks also has a special bond with this particular friend. We'll miss him!
At the going away party - a tree fell over in their yard! So glad we were all in the house and safe! There was a storm, high winds and tornado watches/warnings!

Nothing like sleeping through a sermon:-) Yes, I know he's too big for this old seat...I keep it in the trunk and use it, because he will sleep in it anywhere. It's great!!
pic from my phone
Picnic time with all the stuffties! Kenna is really getting into playing restaurant, taking orders, serving and clearing dishes. Cute! I remember doing that when I was young too:-)


  1. I can't believe how HUGE Grey looks in that car seat! That's so neat that he'll sleep in it like that--how clever of you!

  2. He's loved his carseat since birth, if he was fussy, we'd plop him in there and kick it with our foot to rock it. He'd conk right out! And it still works! He'll sleep in a room full of people and fun, it's amazing! I bring it everywhere, and I always get comments from people about "he's too big for that", scolding me, like I actually USE it for him. Lol.