Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Cookies

{back story} Brian's work has him as a superintendent on a job at the World Trade Center. Yes. There is one here. No. I did not know that before last week. Strange. Now I wonder if all cities have one and I am the only one not to realize this, making me, once again, (as I've always been), a bit of a ditz. In any case, it's a rush job for whatever reason, they need to be in and out really quick. Which means he works 'round the clock. They will be done any time now, tonight he said all the workers were willing to stay until it's done. He's been working on this schedule: 20 work, 4 hours sleep, since last Friday. Naturally, now he's sick, has almost no voice, and will not answer his phone (distractions!). I haven't seen him before 2am in what feels like ages, but has really only been less than a week. I'm telling you, that man is a hard worker. My goodness. He's not the type of super that hangs around babysitting a jobsite, he works hard and does anything, and everything along with the subs. I know he hates the long hours and can't wait to be home (same here!), but his dedication and work ethic are more than admirable, that is for sure!

{the actual important story} Since Brian's been gone for a few nights in a row, I've been doing girl stuff. Chick flick every night, doing my nails, Kitchen Boss, Cake Boss, House re-runs. I've recently gotten 2 requests from friends to do a cake for their little girls birthdays. One on the 23rd, and one on the 5th. One of the cakes is going to be a castle cake. Of course I am up for the challenge, but petrified of things looking terrible. I decided for the one cake, I would need to learn how to do royal icing flowers. Just the simple ones, the teeny little stars. So I decided to bake sugar cookies last night. We decorated them today, with my very first batch of royal icing! Turned out very well. I practiced lots of flowers. This is going to be fun!
So pretty! Almond sugar cookies, with royal icing piped around the edges, dried, and then "flooded" in the middle
It makes a pretty big mess in the end!
Yummy. Very very yummy!

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  1. The cookies look great. I always love to decorate spring cookies; I think it's all the adorable little cookie cutters available this time of year;)