Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Week - Video

Well, it's a new week! After our "almost" spring break (still had Ardyn & Sonny at various times), we are trying to get back into the swing of things! Allergy season has been upon us for some time now. Kenna has been complaining almost constantly about her ears. Last night I finally took her to the doctors, and he said both ears are completely full of fluid. She's on Nasonex and Zyrtec for one month to help clear it up. He said it's essentially an ear infection, but the infection is not really the problem, just all that fluid (she's not had a fever or anything). Anyway, we're hoping this clears up for her within the month! The pollen around here really is something to behold. I'm surprised the rest of us can handle it without meds, really!

Just a few random things - here's Grey. He still thinks that bouncy is for him. He "surfs" on it! I need to make sure he doesn't try to climb in when Ardyn is in it!
Some organizing stuff. Mail always by the door...hmmm. Why don't I put it in that basket? Do you really think we need TWO baskets full of winter hats and mitts for our once a year snow? Nah. We're down to one now, so I have a place to throw all these random collections.

The "wooden box". It's supposed to be a keepsake or heirloom box (from the Bombay Co.), it's gorgeous, and pretty big. I have it sitting out on the tv cabinet...for hiding remotes! However, it was getting so full of "remotes" that it was hard to close!
This is everything I pulled out of the box that doesn't need to be in there! Crazy.
Brooks wrote this himself. His handwriting is improved SO much since Christmas. He's such a sharp little guy!
His last name is a combo of his first and last name, I guess.
Some reading practice. Notice the mayhem in the background. Thank you Brooks and Jack. In fact, moments later they were both put on time out for whipping a ball in the house (overhand. BOYS!)


  1. WE HAVE THAT SAME BOX! From the Newallos I think for our wedding :D It is full of wedding momentos though.

    Hmm, perhaps Brian needs a universal remote for Fathers Day :D

  2. we've tried that! Lol. We are currently down to two remotes. Basically there is just one little feature that we can't get to work on the main universal remote, so we need the other one for that. The box is too huge to put anywhere! It's too deep for our foyer table and too tall for the bookshelf...so i don't keep wedding stuff in it, as I don't want little hands into it! I LOVE the box tho' and think it's a very classy way to hide remotes! (Mine was either from the Newallo's, or my cousin Nicole, I can't recall at the moment)