Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter! - Video

Grey got a bouncy ball, since he can't eat all that candy! Here is a little sample of how he talks to us in his gibberish. Lots of inflection and meaning in those non-words. Kenna did this too, but Brooks did not.
A pic with Auntie! She blinked! But Grey's face was too cute not to post!
We enjoyed going to church (Kenna's class got to hit a pinata for candy), Kenna loves her puffy dress! We then came home, threw the turkey in the oven, ate a small lunch and took naps. When everyone woke up, the turkey was ready, and so were the mashed potatoes! We headed over to Lauren's next door for an outdoor Easter egg hunt. The kids loved it!
It was about 90 degrees outside, and there were a few hidden Cadbury eggs, that of course got completely melted. Kenna refused to even pick them up, calling them "rotten", haha! Amazing to think that last Easter, Grey was only a few weeks old! (it was much earlier in the season last year. I want to figure out how they pick the dates each year!)
Brooks was the champion Easter Egg finder. He FILLED his basket, and then almost filled Grey's too. Kenna wandered aimlessly and couldn't seem to find anything, even if it was pointed out to her. Brooks had laser vision for all things candy.
The bummer was not being able to eat anything until AFTER they'd had dinner (which was yummy!)
Best Buddies!

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  1. RE: how they decide Easter dates - it's based on the cycle of the moon!