Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Short Story

This little story is written by...me! It's from a grade 5 project I did with 2 friends, Sonia and Krista about Japan. I was in a French Immersion school since kindergarten (all french, no english). I was looking through school papers recently and amusing myself at my old work! The original is typed out here, with none of the teachers edits (see pics), or the accents, since I don't know all the keycodes to type french on my computer quickly:-). The translation I just did now. Hilarious. I was only 10 years old, yet somehow it seems really "young" to me. Perhaps something was lost in translation:-)

Importance of the Family
Most of the families live three or two generations in one house. All the people in the family do their part to help with the housework, like setting the table, etc...There are activities that are familiar to everyone, that all the members of the family participate in. After diner, in most of the families, the grand parents watch the television, and the parents organize all the children and make sure they are prepared for bed. There is lots of love in each family.
L'importance de la famille
Plus part des familles ont trois ou deux generations dans la maison. Toutes les gents de la famille ont leur partie a faire pour aider dans la maison, comme metre la table ect...Il y a des ativite familliers que tout les gents de la familles participe. Apres le diner dans plus part des familles les grand parents regards le tele, les parents range tout et les enfants se prepare pour aller au lit. Il y a beaucoup d'amour dans chaque famille.

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