Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Favourite Things

Ever tried these? We love them! I started with giving the kids the Gummy Vites (middle), but Brian (who will not take a regular adult multivitamin for anything), would eat them...but then they'd be gone too fast, as the adult dosage on those is 4 gummies per day! I was always fussing at him to stop eating the kids vitamins.

Then I saw that they made Multi Vites for adults (2 per day - on the left). Problem solved!

And have you ever tried to take fish oil? I know we're supposed to, yadda yadda yadda. But even the "no flavour, no burp" ones would make me burp this horrible fish oil, and it's disgusting. So I don't take it, let alone force anyone else to. Enter these little gummy gems (on the right). They taste like lemonade with no fish oil burp issues.

So now we're all being healthy taking our vitamins every day, thanks to the gummy bear! Each of these large containers is 9.99 at Costco (but sometimes they go on sale for $2 off and I stock up!). Adult vites = 200 count, kids vites = 220 count, fish oil = 180 count.
You can also buy gummy vitamin C (never tried it), and a gummy calcium/bone development vitamin (I get these off and on for the kids, they go through phases of drinking more or less milk/yogurt/cheese, so I'll dole those out if I feel they are lacking in the calcium department. Don't have any right now to show you:-)

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  1. MMM, I've just run out! I take the adult gummy ones, but we give the kids the chalky ones. Two pack for the same price I think, and they love them!