Thursday, March 3, 2011

Boxing - Video

Each of these are about 30 seconds or so, but I think they last one (at bottom) is especially funny. I couldn't decide between the 3 clips as they each capture his enthusiasm, love of sports and cute little voice so well. 
At one point he exclaims "Mom, I like being naked in the game". (In boxing the Mii's are not wearing shirts), but the camera was not rolling at that time:-) A few days ago he created his own Mii, and named him Goody, which is apparently spelled bgbh. Goody is aptly named, because he's so good and always wins:-) Another funny, "all this boxing made me burp". Lol.


  1. So CUTE! "Good is VERY strong... Goody likes to win!" I like that name!

  2. haha too cute! I love seeing grey walking the backround as well.... They have all changed so much!