Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kenna's Cake

Request: A jewelry box cake. The inner cake boss in me comes out I suppose. Ha!! Take a look...

Figuring it all out...the lid was chipboard (a la Stampin' Up!), since I couldn't think of what else to use, so it was the only non-edible part. The drawer/tray area was done with graham crackers!

Stacked, filled, cut, iced, and level (for the most part anyway!!)
At this point I coloured and rolled out fondant and went to town!!
Voila! She's done!! Filled with lipsticks, necklaces and ring pops!

I asked her what name she wanted on the cake, Kenna or Kennedy. She chose Kennedy:-)
In the end it wasn't as perfect as I pictured it in my minds eye, however, it was by FAR good enough to make a newly five year old girl ecstatic!
It was fun, and tasted great too!

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  1. Looks great! As for not perfect you should have seen my first attempt at Marshalls 1st birthday cake... needless to say we went and got an ice cream one haha :) I think cake decorating courses are in store in the near future :P