Saturday, March 19, 2011

Party like it's 2011! - Video

Warning to all those not related to me: These might be a bit boring (hah!). They are all very short (around 30 seconds each). Enjoy!

To celebrate the BIG milestones, of turning 5 and 1, we had a few friends over, our "Aunt & Uncle", Sam & Heather, with their little girls (and Kenna's best friends) Gracie & Libby. They brought over some of their friends, and their little son Ray, who were in town for the weekend, and then of course Auntie Lauren, and then Ryan & Mary and their little girl Ivana. It was a full house, for sure! Sam & Heather have been "complaining" that we never invite them over for our homemade pizza, so we decided to have everyone over for our traditional friday night pizza night!

I made 4 recipes of dough! Which makes 8 pizzas! Lots of mouths to feed around here. We had fun playing Wii, cornhole, and visiting. Of course the pizza was great, and so were the cakes! Here are few little peeks at our night!

Grey, as with all one year olds, didn't know what was going on, and could have cared less. LOL. Don't waste your money on a big party for a one year old folks. It's just like every other day for them! Except they get to eat cake of course. He wasn't really into that either, as you will see!

Here's his very first happy birthday song ever!!
And Kenna turns 5 year old, which astonishes us...time FLIES! Here's her birthday song!
Trying to get Grey to eat his cake! He didn't really seem to want it.
If you leave him with it for awhile, he'll make a little dent in it! He's just the sweetest kid ever, we are so blessed with him!
Some present opening. Mostly just watching Grey because he's so cute!! (btw: Brian's comment about Orange and Drew...Drew's Dad, Tom is our good friend, and he loves the Broncos and all things orange. Brooks gets lots of hand me downs from Drew, and lots of them are orange!)
Ok - even if you aren't related to me, you'll like this one. He kisses his birthday card y'all, he's just so cute!
And finally, here's Grey with his "woah woah woah" rant. His favourite word!

And that was our party folks! We wish we had a bigger house so we could have had more friends and kids over!!

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