Friday, March 25, 2011

Grey's Words - Video

It seems like overnight, his vocabulary is expanding. He tries to copy you on so much!

"Ba ba" - Bottle
"cuh cuh" - Cookie
"ickkkkkk" - yuck (usually when poopy)
"uh oh" - when he drops something
"Da da"
"Hhhhiiiiii" - hi
"Ba ba" - bye bye with a backwards wave to go with
"Ma ma"
"Ny Ny" - night night
"oh wow/woah" - his go-to phrase for everything!
"oowww" - when hurt
He's said "Na na" a few times, and I believe he was trying to say Kenna
"whaa deh" what's this

He knows (points to) tummy, nose, eyes and pretty pretty (hair)...It's really hard to catch his words on video, as he will say them, but when it "counts" (ie: on video), he just stares at you like he has no clue:-) Here he is showing off his "tummy" skills.

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