Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2014's Ornament

The ornament for 2014 from my Grandma Shantz was this beautiful angel.

My Grandma passed away in 2010, but she made ornaments ahead for her grandkids - for 5 years. I have an ornament from her from every year I've been alive, from '79 until now. Next Christmas will be the last one we open from her.
She made this angel using an embroidery technique called Hardanger (har-dang-er, not har-danger). I have no idea how it's done, but I know it takes much more time than normal embroidery. I have a table runner she made me, and I forget the amount of man hours involved in making it, but it took a crazy amount of time! (700 hours is sticking out in my mind, though that may not be accurate - might have been that said it would cost $700 if she charged min wage for her time? I can't remember)
This pretty angel is a treasure I will pass down to my kids. Made with love. We miss you Grandma!

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