Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Family Pictures 2014

We should always praise what is praiseworthy! Check out our wonderful pictures from 2014 (copyright of Joel DePriest Photography), and find out what we love about each other!

Brooks is always helping us, and pushing us to do things when we feel like we want to give up - Kenna

Brooks teaches me stuff, and we share stuff - Grey

Kenna is very good at math - Brooks

I like playing Lego with Kenna and Brooks 'cause they make me stuff - Grey
Brooks is my best friend and he is my brother - Grey
My Dad is handsome and smart - Kenna

Mom always does the best cooking - Kenna

I like my Dad's hockey hair - Brooks

I love that Grey is full of adventure - Kenna

My Dad can make really good poached eggs - Kenna
Daddy looks great! I love his eyes, and smile, and hair - Grey
Mom looks great too - Grey
I like that Kenna always makes menu's for us at dinner time, so we can colour - Grey
Grey can do sports very well, and he's all about playing - Brooks

When Kenna gets something new, she always lets us play with it - Brooks

I like how Mom sets up dinner - Grey
The person in our family that is very thoughtful, and can think of lots of things to do, is Grey - Brooks

I'm glad I have a brother (Grey) who will play anything with me, even a girls game - Kenna

I love how Daddy knows all the rules of sports - Brooks

Mom has the bluest eyes in the family - Brooks

I like sleeping with Kenna 'cause she reads to me - Grey
My Dad is really funny - Kenna

Brooks is really good at cursive - Kenna

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