Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A New Game

Last year I told you about a new game, Tapple. It's fun, easy, and good for large groups so everyone can play. Well, I have a few more for you!

Reverse Charades is fun and easy to play! In normal charades, one person acts out the word, and the team tries to guess. With Reverse Charades, everyone on the team acts out the same word, and only 1 person guesses. It's very fun, and is great for those that hate acting, or have limited skill with it (like me), because there are so many others doing it too. (6 person minimum to play this game)

Another game we like is called Wits and Wagers. It's another one that is good for a crowd, and pretty easy to play.
sorry - they're all sideways!

Basically the whole group is given a question, like "how many different shapes of pasta are there?" Or "what did the first cellular phone cost". Everyone writes down their number, and then places their poker chip on either their own number, or the number of another, if they feel it is probably closest to accurate. It doesn't require very much attention to detail, like Catan, or Risk, or other "in depth" games, but is more fun to play than Chinese Checkers, or Trouble or other more "mindless" games.

If you are looking to add fun group games to your game night or family gatherings, these ones come recommended by me!

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