Saturday, January 10, 2015


The people around here...the ones from New York, that is...claim that Stewarts egg nog (from NY) is the best there is. Over the Christmas holiday we had a blind taste test.
Virginia's Southern Comfort vs. New York's Stewart's

Most people were able to tell which was which by tasting
Southern Comfort is thicker, and more yellow. Stewart's is thinner, whiter, with more "spice dots" visible.
And the verdict?

It was a TIE, basically. Half the people preferred Stewart's and half Southern Comfort. But no one hated either, and they were way more similar in taste (almost identical) than anyone realized. The slight difference in the thickness, and colours were the only differences.

It was a fun little experiment, and the kids are on the hunt for the next thing we can "taste test" :-)

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