Saturday, July 5, 2014

Burger Bar - Recipes

We we're hosting a "few" friends for a 4th of July cookout. I think we ended up with 16 adults and 13 kids? Maybe there were more kids. It's hard to count that many rapidly moving little people. But I think there were supposed to be 13 of them there:-)

Hurricane Arthur threatened our fun - but didn't. It ended up being a gorgeous day, and the perfect evening for a party. In an "American tradition" we did a bbq, of course - burgers. I decided to do something a little different, and fun..."knock off burgers".

We had a Burger Bar, where you make your own "fave" burger, just like at a restaurant. I selected 4 different types/styles/tastes of burger recipes, and it was a HUGE hit!! Check out all the recipes below

Banzai Burger (Red Robin knockoff)

Angry Whopper (Burger King knockoff)

(Bacon) Swiss Mushroom Burger (Applebee's knockoff)

Big Mac (McDonald's knockoff)

I made cards, and set each one at the "station" for said burger, with all the toppings.
This tells you how to assemble your burger correctly, step by step.


(to cook/make - marinade beef patty in teriyaki sauce for a few hours before grilling. Drain pineapple rings of juice, and marinade in teriyaki sauce for a few hours, and grill the pineapple until warm)

1. Bun, mayo on top side
2. Place meat on bottom bun
3. Cheddar cheese on meat
4. Tomato slice on cheese
5. Pineapple ring on tomato
6. Spoon small amount of teriyaki sauce on pineapple
7. Iceburg lettuce on pineapple
8. Place mayo side bun on top, and ENJOY!

Burger stations, after most of the carnage had taken place. - We ate a LOT of burgers! I should have taken a pic of everything all neatly lined up, ready for assembly - oh well! I had the table in 4 "lines" and everything needed for each burger right there. So it was pretty easy to read the assembly steps and make the burger.

(To make sauce and onion petals, click here for recipe)

Build from bottom up
1. Sesame seed bun
2. Meat
3. Pepper Jack cheese
4. Jalapeno slices
5. Bacon
6. Sauce
7. Spicy Onion Petals
8. Tomato slice
9. Shredded lettuce
10. Top bun, and SPICY!


(to make mushroom sauce, heat 1 can of condensed mushroom soup, approx 8oz can of mushrooms with juice, a few squirts of Worcestershire sauce, and about 1/2 of a regular sized onion, cut in thin slices. Heat/sautee on stove top in non stick pan until onions are soft and all is hot)

Build from bottom up
1. Bun
2. Meat
3. Swiss cheese
4. Bacon (optional)
5. Mushroom sauce
6. Top bun, and YUMMY!


(to make the special sauce, click here for recipe) - to make a "middle bun" use a bottom bun portion, or carefully slice the bump off the top of a bun, making a perfect middle bun layer

Build from bottom up
1. Bottom bun (sesame seed)
2. Special sauce (use lots!)
3. Diced onions
4. shredded lettuce
5. American cheese (Kraft single slices)
6. Meat
7. Middle bun
8. Special sauce (use lots!)
9. Diced onions
10. 3 dill pickles slices
11. Shredded lettuce
12. Meat
13. American cheese
14. Top bun
* Optional 13a, ketchup, and these are THE BEST!

sides and dessert:-)
I made some red, white and blue camo cupcakes (red velvet, and white cake, some of which dyed blue)

I used a light meringue style icing, so it is very fluffy and I piled it high:-)

Yay, 'Murica

Because this was just toooo cute. G & G (Grey & Giavanna). They had matching arm and face "tatch-toos", and she's holding flowers she picked from my garden. Cute, or what?! He's only about 3 weeks older than she is, and he says she's his best friend - or Abram, her brother. He can't decide between them:-)
Whether you celebrated Canada Day or Independence Day this week, I hope you had a lovely day off celebrating with friends and family!

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