Monday, July 21, 2014

Instagram Sept 2013

I love having Instagram! I love having the feed on the blog here, they are like quick mini blog posts! In an effort to "keep" the pictures I post there, I will repost here, so I have them in the future. Bear with a few old pictures, as I catch up and everything into the blog. Well...I won't do all my IG's, but just the ones worthy of keeping, in my opinion. I will caption them as I originally did on IG

Love these!!

Another empty trailer load! Moving is fun:-)

Moving fun! Kids labeling boxes:-)

First day of school at the Willow house!


The squirrel that walked right in the open door (moving boxes out). Then he couldn't/wouldn't leave. Moving is fun:-/
Trying to pack things into the van, and its suddenly pouring rain. Boo

It's getting empty in here! And Taye Diggs on tv too:-)

Kennedy made her bed at the Willow house. She's such a little organizer

I might need to improve my gardening skills...cause I love this flower! It's a fragrant rose that grows on a bush, up a trellis

Lucky me
Ta-da! Look what I did Mom! #LleytonGrey

I have a real laundry room for the first time since moving out of my parents house. Exciting!!

downtown Norfolk. It's a rare skyline, including war ships, as my kids call them:-)

Soccer practice for 3 year olds!

Play time at co-op for preschoolers

PreK cp-op fun!!
Dudes. Goodbye Ben & Joy

Our mailbox at Willow house makes me smile. So cute. I need to think of what flowers to plant in the box!

Yummy times with friends

They made their own pizza!

Nothing like a little wall ball to start the day off right

God makes beautiful things. #nofilter
An evening walk. The kids favourite thing to do is compare all the mailboxes. We didn't have mailboxes in Norfolk, so they are quite a novelty:-)

Grey's first game, and first time as goalie. He's terrible:-)

A password reminder for her voice activated diary. Haha

I just think these are hilarious...

Sunday night football with my people.

It's a picnic lunch in our yard!
Bolger-baby 3.0, they just keep getting cuter, don't they?

Jetting downtown to bring Brian his forgotten lunch & tools. Dominion Tower, his current jobsite.

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