Friday, July 11, 2014

Rainy Season

Well, each new season in our new house brings new "surprises". This is our first hurricane season in the Willow house, so there are the typical issues - things I worried about at Hugo house too, until I realized they weren't going to be an issue. Like, how will the trees hold in strong winds, and, will we flood?

Well, the rains have come - Hurricane Arther was a non-event in our town, but certain areas local did have super cells, or tornadoes touch down and do damage. All we've had is rain. Yesterday we had a thunderstorm, and it *poured* down rain for about an hour.
Our front walkway, "safely" under water:-)

Interesting thing about this house (and many in this area) - no eaves troughs. Can you see the waterfall coming from the roof in front of the garage?

The rains were driving in hard, and at such angles, that it reeeeeally soaked the porch. I've never seen it do that before.

The water was coming in through the screens and making biiiiiig puddles all over the place.

Our backyard "grew" a river. It was flowing from the street, through our neighbours side yard, and across the back of our property, down to the lake. Notice how our fire pit area is pretty much all under water too!

The "river" flowing into the lake. Didn't know that could happen!

Today, all the water is gone, and there is no sign that it was ever there. Yikes. For about an hour there, I wondered if we might float away:-)

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