Friday, July 11, 2014

Free Food Day

Today was "free" day! 7-11 always gives away free slurpees on 7/11 - so that was a gimme. Of course we got one...or two:-)
First stop this morning, 7-11 freebies!
Then we did a few errands, and were ironically parked at an auto parts store sharing a parking lot with another 7-11. We couldn't resist.
Take Two!

Grey, getting ready to put his "ears" on:-)

Today was also get-free-food-at-Chick-Fil-A-if-you-dress-like-a-cow. We've never done this before. Because I think dressing up is pretty lame. I'm not buying a costume, and making one is pretty dumb. It's just not my thing. But I didn't tell the kids that. We came home and starting putting on our cow costumes for free food.
I don't think its even really debatable. This kid is stinkin' adorable.


Brooks - we trimmed his ear back after this pic. We thought he looked more like a dog.

So anyway, we went into Chick Fil A, and were allowed to select any meal we wanted, all free.

The kids were only slightly impressed though. There were MORE than enough "Who is embarrassed?" "Who can believe we are doing this?" "What if no one else is dressed up?" (not an issue!), "Who thinks we look like puppies?".

They take after their Momma:-) The general consensus is, it's better to just pay for your food. Dressing up isn't really that fun. But it was a good experience, we didn't have long waits (you know all of America descends upon CFA today), it was fun overall, but the jury is out if they want to do it again next year. Which is actually kind of interesting, considering they eat at CFA definitely less than once per year, (they've only been a handful of times over the span of their entire lives). I thought they'd be all over it for the chance to eat there, but the trade off - food for spots - doesn't seem overly appealing to them.

Maybe a first and only for us? Haha.

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