Monday, April 14, 2014

An Afternoon Stroll

If you have time to kill and calories to burn, our downtown area is a fun one to explore. It's not "huge", like Toronto or New York, it's just a pretty, calm, laid back blend of old and new. Unlike large scale cities, where you have whole sections of a city dedicated to something (art, chinatown etc), this is buildings, or streets, so everything you want is compactly put, right where you want it:-)

It was a day I really wished I had a great camera! We saw so many pretty things! All I had was my phone though...
Boardwalk. After almost 2 hours walking around, Grey was tired!
*I might mention - we are on Spring Break this week - no Sonny or May. And that really tall brown building in the background is where Brian spends a LOT of his time managing projects. He had a little break between subcontractors this afternoon, so he called us out to explore!

I love sail boats

They love cannons
Remember this wall? The kids sure do! When we had our pics taken here, they literally were shaking and bawling (so no really good pics of the wall came out, but you can see some here). When I showed them today, they said "that is not it! It was way higher!" They are sticking to their guns with the "it shrunk" theory. We climbed up today, and they did so voluntarily, and without fear and crying. Haha!!
Recognize this alley? It's the one from that same photo session. And yes, it looked like this then, too. With a little vision, you wouldn't believe what can look good in pictures!!
I love wrought iron fire escapes
Oh look! We found China!

After being told that this statue was a replication of DC's statue "The Lone Sailor", Grey asked "Is this the guy that flew the Titanic?" haha

The docks

It's "Whisky". The USS Wisconsin is so long, I can't get it all in one camera-angled shot. Where is the panoramic lens for my phone? :-)

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