Saturday, April 5, 2014

Coach Pitch

They've moved up in the world. No more teeball! They played their first game today, and from a spectators point of's so much more fun to watch them! It's not nearly as boring, they make real plays, strike looks like real baseball. Finally.
They are the Phillies this year. And notice their shirts? They were delivered from the shirt company with the soccer logo on them, instead of the baseball one. I say Ooops! Kenna says this is unacceptable, and it's practically ruining her life. She just can't imagine how she lives in a world where something like this could happen. She simply and mentions it often.
So, the first game was a big success! Brooks got a great hit, and actually was stranded on 2nd with bases loaded, so he didn't get to score. He said when he hit the ball his eyes got big and he forgot for a second that he had to run. I guess his expectations were low:-) The Phillies beat the Yankees 8 to 4, so a really great start to the season!

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