Tuesday, April 1, 2014

See Friendship

There is this thing on facebook: See friendship. Brian and I are obviously fb friends, but the "friendship" as it were, is definitely one sided. In a bored moment, I click the button "see friendship", and am reminded that I am about 99.9% more friendly than he is. In fact, I believe I only have one post (EVER) from him. From Feb 2, 2014 "Happy Birthday, Babe." Haha. For as much as he talks...a little light on the words, wouldn't you say?:-D Anyway, I came across a posting of mine from Nov - kinda funny:-). I'll continue to post my unrequited friendliness all over his wall, much to his general annoyance, I'm sure;-)

"So today, I get a call, asking for you. I said you were at work, can I take a message? Oh, its the from the Republican something or other, and they can talk to his wife too. Ok, that's me. Asking for money because 17 seats are about to be lost, or stolen, or burned at the stake. I wasn't really listening to the schpiel. Then of course they want money, in absurd amounts because they somehow figured we must have fallen into about 2.2million dollars in this excellent economy. So I said no. Then he asked if he could send me information to read. So I said yes. The catch. They can't send the information without a pledge amount. FINE. I'll do $10, and then we'll see from there. So they mark me down for my $10 and collect our address etc, Not without first offering to take the money via credit card on the spot, since money is put immediately to work in seat-saving endeavors. I declined. And then comes the fine print - thankfully I was listening to that part. "We cannot accept money from blah, blah, foreign nationals, blah, blah..." Hang on a minute. I'm not an American. Do you need to put this in my husbands name? Oh, um. Let me put you on hold. I waited while they assembled the congress to vote on the matter, apparently. And the verdict came in. They can't take my money. And that is the story of how I almost participated in American politics, but instead, saved $10"

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