Saturday, November 2, 2013

Brag time!

Time to brag on my kids a little bit. I know this note is written to me...but really, it's all them. Proper training does go a long way, but in the end, its up to the kids to behave in the ways they know they should. Even when no one is around to encourage them along...

Last night I received this email from a Mom in our co-op - I don't recognize her name, so I don't think I know her, although I may know her if I saw her - lots of new faces there! Anyway, I was so thankful she took the time to write to a "stranger". Absolutely made my heart melt! (I can't be in class with my kids, as I work in the preschool program)

"Darla, I sat in close proximity to your 2 kids in the K-3rd grade science class today.  I was VERY impressed with how well they worked together!  They did not argue, they really worked as a team, and they were so quiet and well behaved!  The teacher for today's lesson had the parents helping the kids because it was one of those activities that just needed some adult hands on deck.  I was more than able and ready to help yours but they really carried themselves beautifully!
I know my kids love each other, but I saw genuine love and care for one another today as your kiddos worked side by side.
I just wanted to let you know, and to pat you on the back... job well done, Mama!"

Good job Kenna and Brooks! Daddy and I love you both so much and are so glad that you are choosing to make decisions that honour each other and show love.

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