Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Memory Lane

Phones these days are very smart - they aren't kidding around when they say smart phone. Last night, I was glancing through my gallery pics - and I noticed all kinds of pictures in there that I didn't take on this phone. Or some of them...on any phone! How they are now stored in my current phone is somewhat of a was a cute walk down memory lane...enjoy!
Baby Grey

Grey & Brooks

All three kids. Look how little!!


Grey's "blue steel" stare

Grey, only a few days old!

Remember when this happened?

I thought he'd be ugly for sure, but it's barely a scar

Brooks and "Chee Chee" my childhood stuffed animal



My cute little Kenna

Brooks, at his 2nd birthday


A bald eagle. I need to show this to Grey, who loves "bog geagles", currently:-)

Remember when this happened?

And this? We tore down a wall and closed in a door


Meghan, Brian & Lauren

Love this one!

The first time some of my family came to VA

Brian's family. Also known as the time Mom didn't wear black.

Maryn, Lehman, Jillaine & Janessa - my youngest siblings. And wow. So young 2009

Auntie Maryn & Kenna

Kenna and her friend Sarah S



My Dad

Davis, a brother of mine:-)

Lauryn, a sister of mine...& Mark. They're married, if you couldn't tell by the pic:-) (2008)
So weird, right? All of these pics were in the same album on my phone. I can't figure out any rhyme or reason to that. But so fun to browse through and see these things again!


  1. If you viewed the pics while you were on your phone, they get saved. Yeah, totally a pain because it takes up memory! Not sure if there's some way to turn that off, I just haven't had time to look :0)

  2. I must have on my old phone, and they got transferred to this phone? In a folder called Saved Photos, but they are NOT the pics I took from that phone...I didn't even have that phone when Grey was a baby...or when my dad was a teenager. Haha! I don't remember looking at these pics in YEARS - so they must have come from somewhere - but they are pretty random if you ask me! Strange!