Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bathroom Ideas - Help?

Decisions, decisions!

First - I am trying to come up with a whole-house colour scheme. Neutral, but not boring. Greys? Greens? I've read that choosing 3 to 5 colours is best, and those colours are in every room - Trying to establish my main choices - from my accents etc. If any of you know of any helpful sites in this regard, pass them along!! I don't want to settle on something for the bathroom, until we've come up with the overall "theme" and "feel" of the interior space.

We've kind of decided on one thing, so far: White trim with black doors - on the inside of the house. Yup, we're gonna do it!

This would be similar to how our hallway would look.
BATHROOM: Help? Great ideas or pics? There are so many ways we can go with this thing...

Things we definitely want to achieve in the master bath: A "Cool"/trendy space. But not so trendy that it screams "2013" in 15 years. So trendy that it's still freaking amazing in 15 years. That kind of trendy. For as cheap as humanly possible;-) There will be body sprays. There will probably be rainshowers. There may be a steam shower. Or there may be absolutely no doors at all (gasp!). What to do...what to do...If you were BUYING a house, what would be a super cool factor you'd love to have, just for the small luxury of it? This is what I would like to do with this house - appeal to the masses with some fun and luxury.

Doing an accent wall with glass doors could definitely work

In the name of all things completely awesome. This is so happening.

This is exactly the layout of our bathroom. Other than, we have a window where the upper towel rack hangs in this pic. It's clean and fresh. Not overly interesting, but works.

Ok, we don't have room for two, so picture this only one sided. Sweetness. Hardwood looking tile floors. Hmmm. Inspiration!

Well, it has all the elements I want, but its not nearly pretty enough. Better tile choices would fix that.


  1. Grr... typed up a whole response and it didn't post. Not your blog my dumb computer.

    I really like the one where it say it matches close to what you have. Staying with that very neutral color scheme allows a buyer not feel like they have to tear out the tile because it doesn't match their color scheme, which personally I would do because other then the all white everything is way to modern for my taste. I would add a second sink.

    The colors in that hallway are awesome, but I prefer those colors over tans.

  2. what about BM's litchfield gray for the base colour (hall)?

  3. Not having glass doors equals less cleaning. just sayin'. I'd buy that ;) LOVE the black doors and grey! AND the rain shower would be amaaaaazing!