Friday, November 8, 2013


Well, we're unpacked and moved in. But not entirely neatly:-) I've been working on organizing over the past few days, and made some happy headway...
The shirts that made the cut
Brian's closet - he just had too many clothes and was in desperate need of "thinning out". All the old stuff, all the stained stuff...there was a HUGE pile to throw away. I weighed the big trash bag full of reject clothes - it was 25 *pounds* yikes. Like I said. He had too many clothes.
Now it's sooo much neater and a much more manageable amount of clothing. All his clothes fit in here. I get the dresser for my stuff, he gets baskets in the closet:-)
I wish I had a before pic of the closet, it was such a disaster!

Pantry area in garage - the kitchen is not huge, and doesn't have a ton of storage but, this pantry makes it all work out! My kitchen cupboards are no where near crowded, thanks to having this space.

When we first unpacked, I just put things where-ever they fit. No rhyme or reason. Now we have a little order established. Feels good to have a specific place/area for everything!
Before & After

Before & After

Before & After
I have a box full of recipes...
things I clipped from magazines, print outs from the many recipes! I was struck with a moment of brilliance (I think?!). I've had it on my to do list forever to input these on my recipe site. But it's kinda boring. Idea - post PICS of them. So much faster and easier. Check out a bunch I did today here: So soon those recipes will be in the trash and online, yay!

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  1. What an amazing pantry. Love, love, love it. You should add some cool contact paper or stencil like wallpaper to the walls. Something like this.