Saturday, November 2, 2013

Willow Reno #1

We've started our very first "major" renovation at the Willow House - the master bathroom. I'm super bad at "before" pics. Usually, when Brian says "I'm going to do this..." It's on the phone to me, and I'm at Walmart. By the time I get home. It's done. Haha!

So this is my best shot at a before pic...
But the shower had issues, and was basically not useable - due to things like this:
The fiberglass surround was damaged in places, and rusted in places...and we never used it because we didn't want it to leak through.
Here the surround is gone! We will not reconfigure the bathroom at all, just replace everything.

What we found. It's amazing what people leave in the walls instead of cleaning it up!

The tile that was above the surround is still there - need to pull it down...

That really didn't take too long at all!
Now for the hard part - in my opinion - the design of this whole house hinges on the shower choices...what should I pick? I need to start pinning ideas and posting for opinions!!

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