Thursday, October 31, 2013


Halloween this year was a bit of a 'rush job'. Not that I am ever super prepared for it, but I kinda thought we'd do Chuck E Cheese again or something, since that was such a hit last year. Then we got really busy with Hugo house work, and those plans fell to the way-side. But there was a dress up theme for Awanas on Wednesday night - you fave Bible character. Boy oh boy. If you know me well, you know I hate costumes. And more than hating costumes themselves, I hate spending money on them. So I like to make it work with what we have in the dress up bin. Which is not always easy when a theme is thrust upon you.

Well...we've got princess Queen Esther seemed a logical choice. Then Kenna decided she should be Ruth and Brooks should be Boaz.

...well, I told her she could be Ruth - about to get married to Boaz. She used her flower girl dress and a sheer kitchen curtain for a veil.
Grey wanted to be "Kenobi", otherwise known as Obe Wan Kenobi. To Grey, he's just Kenobi. Occasionally, Kenobi-wan, haha. - He says they have the same hair, so he could be him...or the little green guy. I figured that it would be hard to find Yoda in the maybe he could be a shepherd and use the Jedi robe. He was not excited by this. We decided he could be a shepherd named Kenobi, and that worked out.

Brooks got to be David - with a slingshot, and satchel with 5 stones in it. He refused any head gear (ie hand towel)...but I think the point was made:-)

On Halloween, after soccer practice, we got Sonic (kids first time to eat the food there) and worked on the house. They went to a few neighbours on Hugo...dressed as soccer players I guess:-) and got some candy to fuel their evening. Kenna thought it was the best Halloween ever, since they got to eat out AND get candy by "real trick or treating"

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