Friday, October 4, 2013

Fun Times Ahead

Alright, my apologies. I am not abandoning my blog, I promise! I am posting this post...from my phone. Which, while possible, is not really ideal. Plus, blogger is giving me fits, and won't let me update my kids quotes! I've got it written down and will get it on there as soon as I'm able.

BIG NEWS: we are getting internet at Willow on Tues!! Then I will be catching you up with all the posts I have in my head. Living with no internet has been's been over 2 weeks since we've been here full time, and its amazing how dependent we are on the internet! Thankfully my phone can handle internet "emergencies". It just takes an eternity to type/Swype it all out!  I've found myself twice now, with my computer in the McDonald's parking lot, using their signal to pay bills and stuff. And trying to explain to the kids why we aren't getting French fries :-)  so getting internet is big news to me.

OTHER BIG NEWS: I'm starting to work from home for elite elder care. I've been doing their payroll for years, but now am more of a real secretary.

AND MORE: My parents and my 3 youngest siblings are coming tomorrow!!! So excited!

So please hang tight, I will be back to posting lots, really soon! I'm all swyped and auto corrected out right now, so I'm signing  off :-)

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