Saturday, October 26, 2013


I'm totally loving watching Brooks and Grey become best buds. Brooks just has "so much to teach
him" and Grey doesn't mind being bossed around...yet anyway. Yesterday I caught them doing a few things that just totally made me smile.

I walked into the den and caught them in this little workout sesh. Sit-ups are the only way to those stellar abs Brooks is able to maintain;-)

And Grey helps him out, by standing on his feet, so Brooks can get up:-)

In the afternoon, I found them playing chess together. Brooks is teaching him all the pieces and what they can do. Other than errantly calling Pawns, "Pawn-pawns" (the way he says it sounds like Pom-poms), he's doing a pretty good job of instructing Grey in the finer points of the game:-)
And to end the night, when I went up to check on them, they were all snuggled together in the same bed:-) I didn't take a pic (lost my motivation to go find phone or camera), but it was truly a melt your heart moment. Love my little guys!

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