Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Last One...

...for a minute anyway...and only because I ran out of canvas:-D

On a weird note, my computer "died" yesterday. I am holding out a small hope that it is revive-able. Oh well!  If not I have backups, and my trusty old Toshiba laptop from 2007. It can't hold a charge unless it's plugged in, and has a tendency to overheat and shut off (so short computer stints, only:-), but is still completely functional for what I need, so that is a real blessing, as a new computer is not in the budget right now. Plus, I could always use Brian's work computer which is pretty new (the new confusing Windows one), if the need arose...and we have the tablet which can do internet just basically, we're more than connected!! Haha!! 

The only thing I am lamenting (only thing I can think of that was "lost"/not backed up), is a really cute video of Grey on Memorial Day, I uploaded to computer and "erased after uploading" from the camera card. Oh well! Could be way worse, but in this age of everything being online, seems like these "disasters" are pretty easy fixes! 

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