Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ice Cream Cake

Well, by the time Brian's birthday hits, we are usually all cake'd out! We've got quite a few birthdays from Feb 2 to May 10...and I'm usually ready for something a little - well, easier. Haha!! Making "fancy cakes" is not hard to do...but it IS time consuming. This year, I decided on an ice cream cake, and I pinned a Dairy Queen knock off recipe. I'll post it again here, and add in a few of my "changes" to what the original said.

Springform pan (mine is about a 9")
Ice cream (two 48oz or 1.4L containers, plus about 2 additional Cups)
Oreos (I used 2.5 "sleeves" of a 3 sleeve bag)
Smuckers Chocolate Magic Shell Topping
Smuckers Hot Fudge Topping
Cool Whip (about 2 Cups)

Butter the spring form pan. The directions stated to coat the pan with a thin coat of vanilla ice cream. This was nearly impossible to do. It would not stick to the pan, especially with the butter on there...NOTE: Butter springform pan, and then freeze the empty pan, while the ice cream softens on the counter. It will work like a charm with a frozen pan. I am not entirely convinced that the "thin coat" is needed at all, but I did it, as per the original. Freeze until thin coat is frozen.

Place entire container of chocolate ice cream (48oz) for the bottom layer, and smooth/even out the top so it's flat. Place in freezer until refrozen/hard again. In the mean time...

In a food processor or ziploc bag, crunch up the Oreos. The smaller the better!! I did mine in the food processor for a fine crumb. Use almost an entire bottle of Magic Shell (7.25 oz bottle), plus maybe about 1/4+ of the hot fudge (from a 17.75oz jar) and mix into a gooey thick "paste". Once chocolate ice cream is frozen well in pan, spread/mush on in a thin layer the cookie goo, onto the ice cream. Refreeze until ice cream is set again (will start to melt pretty fast!)

Then put the entire container (48oz) of vanilla ice cream on top of the cookie layer, and refreeze again.

On top of that, I put a generous amount of the hot fudge topping, just drizzle it on like crazy, until there was a thin layer present. Refreeze.

Mix equal parts of cool whip and vanilla ice cream. I used 2 C of each, and spread on for topping. I piped some detail around the edges, which initially held it's shape, and when I checked on it in the freezer later, it had gone flat (you can see the raised "ridge" in the pic below from this. Not sure how to have that turn out better, so next time, I'd likely just skip that part. After putting this on the top, refreeze again.

You can crush up remaining cookie a bit chunkier and place on the top of the cake, if desired. Let sit for a minute, and lightly go around the edges of the cake with a knife before releasing the springform pan.

This cake is completely AMAZING. We all loved every bit of it!! It's an easy easy easy cake to pull off, and  looks very fancy and impressive.

Wow. It's gorgeous and GOOD!

I used this brand of ice cream - we really like it! It's not overly pricey compared to other brands that aren't as good ...for example, it is better, richer, and creamier than Breyers, and yet it is about .50c to a dollar cheaper than Breyers.

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