Thursday, May 2, 2013

Captain America

Happy Birthday Brooks!
His selected birthday cereal
Originally, I wanted to do Brooks' cake as a Captain America shield. Because it's his favourite Avenger, and it's...really really easy to do:-) Alas, my kids like to make me work for it, so he's requested an artillery tank cake. Thanks Lil Death. I'll get right on that. I actually hope it will turn out cute, and have plans to make it great, for this weekend when we can share it with friends.
Sonny & May gave him the Captain America mask to match his shield
Tonight it's baseball practice, so I thought we'd bring cupcakes to share with the team, since dinner will be more hurried etc, than we'd usually have for a birthday! So I took my Captain America shield "cake" idea, and make it into cupcakes instead...


They were easy peasy and done! And I love them!!! 
To make the stars, I made just a teeny amount of homemade marshmallow fondant. I just did a small handful of marshmallows and added icing sugar until it felt right. Then I rolled it out, and let it harden a little bit. Then I used my computer screen as a light board, traced a star onto paper, used an edible marker to trace it onto the fondant, and then cut out each star using scissors! Whew! It really took less than 30 minutes, and turned out great!!

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