Friday, May 24, 2013


Of course you can't tell him this...but Brooks has a really pretty face:-) Naturally, I'm biased, but (especially for a boy) he's gorgeous:-D
He wanted to see how his hair floats up
Another cutie. He's features are not quite as defined as his brothers yet, but maybe he'll get there. He is very quickly losing his baby look. Sad.
Of course he needed to see his too:-)

BIG NEWS: At the final night of Awanas, there was an amazing Carnival! There was a Dunk Tank, and Brooks paid one of his special tickets to get a chance...he hit the target TWO times (out of 6 throws)!! He got to dunk Pastor James, and, as we all know, has very accurate aim. Which I likely should have warned them when they let him move closer to the target. He could have definitely still hit it from the original mark. But teens were trying and always missing (everyone got 6 chances), so I thought it was hilarious that the little guy did it twice! ALSO: They had a "guess the amount of candy in the jar" thingy...and Kenna WON! So now we have approximately 1132 Mike & Ike's in our house...that was her guess, I wasn't really listening to the announcement as to the real number, until I heard her name being called! When the Commander handed it over to her, he said she had to share, and told me she was taking that advise seriously:-)

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